“Maybe a real Mr. Ephesians could manage that, but I guess I’m not there yet.”

That’s what I used to say to my wife early on in our marriage when she would challenge me to a higher standard as a husband. Then, after working through a lot of mess within me and then helping a lot of husbands do the same, I started to realized that God had given me a message. That message: A mere 8 verses that a single guy wrote 2000 years ago has the depth and power to transform any marriage.

Becoming Mr. Ephesians is not merely a book, however. In fact, if you just read it, you may like the ideas, but nothing will really happen. That’s why this site exists – to help you dig deeper and interact with the material, and with other men. First of all, there is the homework. You can’t write in an e-book, but you can write in this workbook, once you download it. ┬áNext, you need a buddy, and ideally a group of men to go through this material with.

Got it? Three things: the e-book, the work book, and a friend to hold you accountable, and you are ready to go.

3 thoughts on “H

  1. I’m afraid not. We haven’t had enough demand to justify printing a hardcover book. The books is on Amazon as an e-book, and the accompanying workbook is here on the site as a downloadable and printable pdf so that you will have a hard copy of the material to write in. I hope that will work for your Bible study, and let me know how it goes!


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